The 2018 Application is Now Open!

GreenWave hosts a competitive two-year ocean Farmer-in-Training Program for residents of southern New England. (Not in southern New England? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn more about how to get involved.) As a GreenWave farmer-in-training, you will receive technical assistance, hands-on training and free kelp seed—as you work to site, permit, and deploy your ocean farm. Year-one of the program focuses on site selection and design, permitting, licensing, and gear. Year-two of the program focuses on helping you deploy your gear and seed as well as harvest your kelp for the first time. For more information about GreenWave and our Farmer-in-Training Program, please review our FAQ page.

Applications for the Farmer-in-Training Program will be accepted on a rolling basis from April until May 15, 2018. GreenWave staff will review applications and interview qualified candidates in May and June 2018, and will select and notify new farmers-in-training by the end of June. At this time, GreenWave accepts a cohort of eight-to-ten farmers into the program each year.

To be considered for the 2018-2020 farmer-in-training cohort, please complete and submit this application to GreenWave by 11:59pm EST May 15, 2018. Questions? Email

Applications received after May 15, 2018 will not be considered.

2018 Farmer-in-Training Program Application







Anticipated location of ocean farm/lease site - town name and state or coordinates*:

                                  *If outside southern New England, please visit our FAQ page to see how you can be involved.

We’d like to hear more about you and why you’re a great candidate for the GreenWave Farmer-in-Training Program.

Why are you interested in being a GreenWave farmer-in-training? (200-Word Max)

What skills and experience do you have that are applicable to ocean farming? (200-Word Max)

What is your vision for your ocean farm? What would you like to grow and why? (200-Word Max)

What would you like to get out of the Farmer-in-Training Program? (200-Word Max)

At GreenWave, we work with ocean farmers from variety of land and ocean-based backgrounds. We’d like to learn more about experience level so that we know how to best personalize our programming.

Do you have experience working on the water and running a boat during the winter?

If you answered yes, please briefly describe your experience. Otherwise, write N/A. (50-Word Max)

Do you have or have access to a boat that you will use to tend to your future ocean farm?

If you answered yes, please provide a brief description. Otherwise, write N/A. (50-Word Max)

Are you familiar with the aquaculture permitting process in your state?

If you answered yes, please provide a brief description. Otherwise, write N/A. (50-Word Max)

Optional: Do you have more information that you’d like us to consider along with your application, such as a CV or resume, site map, farm design drawing, or project proposal? You may submit up to three attachments via email to - subject line "2018 FIT Attachments". If submitting attachments, please list the document titles here:




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