Who farms matters

Women lead the way in restorative ocean farming

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Not What I Expected

Bren Smith shares a surprising trend of women emerging as leaders in this new restorative ocean farming industry.


Suzie | Connecticut

Connecticut farmer Suzie Flores is connecting her community to restorative ocean farming. 

GreenWave Hatchery Team

Ashley Hamilton & Michelle Stephens work towards consistent production, high on-farm yields, and cost-effectiveness.

Karen | California

GreenWave's California Reef Manager, Karen Gray, uses her passion and expertise to support new ocean farmers.


GreenWave Farm Manager

Jill Pegnataro runs GreenWave’s Floating Classroom, training farmers and making connections to the hatchery


Catherine | Rhode Island

Catherine Puckett honors Block Island's history through kelp and uses her gear to make a statement on the water.